Your Panic Button

Connecting you to friends, family and Emergency Response Teams though a single responsible point of contact.

Panic Button App Phone

Comprehensive Safety Assistance

Providing quick access to Emergency Medical and Private Security Response!

Mobile Panic Button App

Feel safe enough to live your life and make memories.  
Be prepared in the event of any emergency.

We believe that everyone has the right to LIVE IN SAFETY®

We provide simple-to-use technology enabling access to a qualified and responsible point of contact giving you quick access to Emergency Support and Incident Management.

Personal Safety for any Emergency

Whether you need a safety solution for yourself, your family, employees or a value add within your existing business offering, 
ICEplus has the solution for you. 

ICEplus for You

Live In Safety. Be Prepared, with help at the click of a button.

R 59 per person
  • Quick Access to Emergency Services
  • Private Security Response
  • ER24 Emergency Medical Cover
  • Online Personal Profile
  • Technical Support

ICEplus for Teams

Safety that goes beyond the workplace for your workforce.

R25 per employee*
  • Comprehensive Employee Safety
  • Site Specific Procedures
  • Onboarding Assistance
  • Regular Reporting
  • Increased Employee confidence

ICE+ as a Product

Give your customers additional value or build a new business.

  • Leased Technology Solution
  • Bundled with your or our services
  • Fully White Labelled App
  • Available in any territories
  • API Integration with 3rd party systems

User Reviews

We are so incredibly proud to have made a difference to the lives of these people. We hope you never need our services, but be assured that if you do, we'll make a difference in your life too.

Phillip Fischer


"We use this app at work for safety reasons and it works! A colleague accidentally activated her app and within 5 minutes 6 people responded and were at her location. We have experienced good support from the developers as well."
Sean Wessels


"If you open the app there is a big red button. The big red button calls the cops, the fire-brigade, ambulances and neighbourhood watch to my rescue. Simplicity at its best. Do not press the button by mistake!"
Dina van der Hoven


"Love it! Very helpful in case of an emergency! Would definitely recommend it to anyone in South Africa"
Jenny Berrisford

Cape Town

"Thanks! Fantastic app. Quick response."

Some of our Clients